Mapping the Power of Information Taskforce Report


As a follow up to the Public Services 2.0 workshop in Brussels last month, and in keeping with the collaborative ethos and intention of the event, Richard Stirling, one of the Cabinet Office secretaries to the Power of Information Taskforce, asked me to receate the Taskforce’s landmark report in Debategraph.

The initial map (shown in the Debategraph Explorer view above) foregrounds the report’s recommendations—although the full text of the report is also included in the expanded text of the relevant elements on the map (which you can view by clicking on the Green + button above).

Once in this format, anyone can comment on, support or oppose, and rate the individual recommendations—and also begin to increase the granularity of the analysis by, for example, breaking out the arguments presented in the report in support of the recommendations by the Taskforce.

This Explorer view of the report (above) can also be shared and embedded on blogs and other websites using the following code:

<iframe src=’′ frameborder=’0′ width=’450′ height=’600′></iframe>

As ever feedback about the work-in-progress, either directly on the map, or in the comments below, will be very welcome—and, in the meantime, for a quick insight into the way that the ideas articulated in the Power of Information Taskforce’s report are percolating in the US, check out Ellen Miller’s Sunlight Foundation blog.

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Streaming live from 2gether08

Thanks to Richard Jolly, here’s the live streaming feed from the wonderful 2gether08 conference. The full conference schedule is available here.

UPDATE: With the conference over for this year, here are a couple of video interviews recorded at the event by (the thankfully ubiquitous) David Wilcox:

(1) UK Minister for Transformational Government, and still prolific blogger, Tom Watson, on the announcement of Show Us a Better Way, a laudable and timely £20,000 public competition to find innovative ways of building on and mashing up Government data:

(2) An impromptu interview between Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab, and Benjamin Cohen, Channel 4’s technology correspondent, on Umair’s inspiring manifesto for the next industrial revolution: