2 thoughts on “Mapping the Core Principles for Public Engagement

  1. Mrs. Christiane Amanpour,

    My name is Rico Encinas and I am writing from Seattle WA. and I watch your CNN after work every night and I am a very big fan of your work along with Anderson Cooper. The purpose of this emaail is to ask you to do a story on our planets most dangerous fault-line called Cascadia off the coast of our state of Washington. It is part of the Pacific Plate that shook in Indonesia that deadly day. A month ago a small story broke here in Seattle about some eath quakes on the Cascadia and the media never followed-up. They say at the University of Washington that if our Plate slips it could be the world worst earth quake on record. Please help our Region and the States on the West Coast and see if you and CNN can give us more information before this becomes a story that will match no other. Sleepless in Seattle. Rico Encinas Sepulveda.

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